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It’s hard growing up. Everything feels like it’s happening at once. And no one gets given a map. Boys everywhere are struggling with:

  • Social anxiety and nerves in real-life situations
  • Lack of using their voice
  • Friendships can be hard to manage. Especially when things turn bad
  • Creating good habits. One good day and one bad day.
  • They haven’t found that thing they’re good at and love
  • Their energy and motivation is hit and miss
  • Sleep patterns are all over the place
Mums everywhere feel like they lack the tools and strategies to help their son navigate life.



Hi everyone!

Welcome to Game Of Life+

For boys and their families who are ready to take control of their health and well-being.

It’s more than some fun hangouts and lessons. It’s a way to leap, learn and level up in life 

With Game Of Life+, your family will be better armed with the skills to:

  • Gain control of your thoughts and emotions and train them to create better results in life
  • Discover your strengths and most confident self
  • Step into action and have more fun in life
  • Create a Life Map for the future of the person you want to become
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JOIN the hundreds of families who've discovered the magic of game of life+

Game Of Life+ was created by Beautiful Minds, Hollywood storytellers and the world’s leading wellness experts. It is your invitation to an adventure like no other. 

🎯 Step 1: Create your account 

👣 Step 2: Follow our onboarding steps

 🦘Step 3: Introduce yourself to other families around Australia.

 🏆 Step 4: Complete challenges, earn rewards, and level up, and unlock maximum fun and benefits. 

Our weekly competitions are designed to make your family’s journey to a healthier life fun and engaging 💪 😃

From pop-up challenges to courses to real-world meet-ups and adventure camps, there’s something for everyone.

🥇 In Game Of Life+, your son can complete quests, make friends, earn rewards, and win prizes. As our community grows, so do the rewards.

This community is a private and safe space open to boys aged 8-14 and parents of all backgrounds, and experiences. With dedicated support built in.

WHat you get when YOU JOIN

VIDEOS that are educational and motivational videos… on goals, dealing with anxiety, friendships, communication, and overcoming self-doubt.

LIVE COACHING CALLS led by our certified coaches 

FRESH CONTENT including exclusive members-only content, daily live videos, articles for parents, and other resources to keep you inspired

ACCOUNTABILITY & COMMUNITY To become the best version of yourself takes time and commitment. In here are everyday families just like yours. From all around Australia. They will hold you accountable for your goals. And will cheer you on as well.

MINDSET TIPS & TOOLS tools and strategies to build mindsets that will overcome any obstacle.

PRIVATE ROOMS to discuss things like anxiety, friendships, challenges of growing up, relationships

POP-UP CHALLENGES AND REWARDS designed to kickstart your efforts and keep things fun.

REAL-WORLD ADVENTURES first access to our adventure camps and in-person meet-ups

We run all this on the Mighty Networks platform. The best way to describe this private platform experience for parents is it’s like a mash-up of Masterclass, Zoom, and YouTube. With a unique ability to catch up in the real world.

For kids, it’s like an awesome party at a friend’s house. One that lives 24/7 in your pocket, or in your computer.

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