Unleash your son’s potential, today. 

Warning: these mum and son  experiences may cause extreme awesomeness

Introducing Game Of Life Australia. Our Mum and son experiences are made to unleash your son aged 7-14's potential. These are not your average family outings.

The good times you spend with the people you care about.

Are always the things you cherish most.

Smiles. Laughter. Memories.

The smallest moments that can give life the biggest meaning.

More than anything else, Game Of Life Australia exists to make these moments come alive.

Each of our experiences around Australia conjures up new magic to share:

Mum and son adventure camps, retreats & premium online experiences.

Game Of Life Australia was created by Beautiful Minds® in partnership with cricket star Marnus Labuschagne.

To help unleash your son’s potential, and help you build a deeper connection together.

Beautiful Minds® is one of Australia’s leading family well-being brands.

We greet thousands of families each year. And since we began this amazing journey, over 1.6 million have travelled along with us.

We teamed up with Marnus and some of the world’s leading well-being experts to help your family become happier and healthier.

The ages of 7-14 are the most important in your son’s life. So who better to help guide & navigate him through this period than Mum?

How many place can you go in your life, that will change your life forever?

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For Mums & sons

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